Five Awesome Games from PAX Prime 2011

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Not only is the Trapdoor dev studio partnering with Phil Fish to co-publish Fez, the indie gamemakers have also been cooking up their own game that’s due out next year. Warp puts players in the role of Zero, a cute, captured alien trapped in a giant underwater research facility. However, the scientists and soldiers who captured the antenna-sporting extraterrestrial don’t know that he can teleport and Zero uses that ability to outwit his captors.

As anyone who’s read X-Men comics with Nightcrawler or watched Star Trek: There’s always a cautionary caveat that accompanies the miracle of teleportation. You don’t want to materialize into something else. Someone could get hurt. In Warp, someone does get hurt by doing exactly that. But it’s not Zero. The little alien can teleport inside of organic and inorganic matter and, with vigorous wiggling of the left analog stick, explode it from within. So, yes: Zero can teleport inside of enemy soldiers and burst them open from the inside out. The gory yet clever mechanic also has stealth uses, too, so that you can bring a soldier close to exploding and then teleport out, leaving him stunned enough for you to sneak away. Using this strategy, you can finish the game without actually killing anyone, a challenge that should make an already promising game even more fun. Warp‘s due out next year on various platforms.

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