Call of Duty XP 2011: T-Wolves’ All-Star Kevin Love on FPS Success

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Activision’s kicking off their first-ever Call of Duty XP fan fest this year and they’ve got a weekend full of multiplayer reveals, real-life paintball combat and even a Kanye West closing concert lined up for attendees. Among the highlights is a $1 million tournament where regular joes get to face off against celeb and pro athlete contestants, as well.

One of those COD players from the world of sports will be Kevin Love, power forward for  the Minnesota Timberwolves. I had a chance to speak with the 2011 Most Improved Player before the XP festivities began and he talked about how his COD playstyle differs from his play on the basketball court, as well as the most important thing about playing in the tournament.

You’re going to be at the Call of Duty XP fan fest this weekend. Would you say that you’re one of the NBA’s top COD players?

Kevin Love: I mean, I try to be, at least. I know that some of the guys are at Level 50 Prestige, and you have to kind of creep around the levels and you can’t go out there out in the open.

You’ll try to go hard in the paint and put yourself out there all the time, like I do. But if you go right out there into the open, they’re going to kill you. I try to fake it ‘till I make it more than anything. But I definitely try. So it will definitely be interesting on Saturday to go against Chris Bosh and the service members and the other participants. So it will be fun.

So it sounds like you’re saying your personal style as an athlete is totally different from how you play Call of Duty?

Yeah. You have to be careful and not try to get killed while also trying to go out there and kill guys yourself. Whereas if you’re too careful on the court, you’re not going to make anything happen for your team.

It’s a very, very tough game, as far as multiplayer, but it’s a lot of fun. You have to go about it a certain way, just like in anything, in order to have success. I just can’t be going out there and put myself in the open or else I’ll be done.

What do you like most about the game? Is it the speed and the visceral sense of the action? Or is it like being a little bit more strategic? Why are you a Call of Duty fan?

Well, definitely the strategy. Like you said, how you go about the game, it’s all strategy. I definitely love to play against different people online all across the world. You can really understand while you’re playing it why it’s the biggest selling game of all time. I’m very excited to try some of the new levels and the new style of play in Modern Warfare 3.

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