Call of Duty XP 2011: T-Wolves’ All-Star Kevin Love on FPS Success

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On the Elite front, it’s kind of like a stat aggregator. So you can kind of learn how you play it. I wrote it up a couple months ago and I compared it to watching film. When you’re watching film of yourself or other teams, like what kind of things do you pull out to try and use in a game? Let’s say you’re going to face up against the Warriors or a team like that.

Well I think you always look at their strengths and weaknesses and definitely their tendencies. If you know the percentages on a guy, like where he likes to turnover, his right shoulder, his left shoulder. He likes to drive right, drive left.

Where he scores most of his buckets from. Where he gets stops in the defensive end. So, I think it definitely relates to the Call of Duty game, especially in terms of watching film and kind of finding out a guy’s tendencies: what weapon he likes to use, where he likes to score from, and how he goes about his business. There’s definitely a connection between both concepts.

So that’s something you think you’re going to find yourself doing? Reading up on your opponents or yourself to see how you can improve your game?

Definitely. Like I said, it’s very humbling when I get online and really start playing. Because some of the guys in there are just so good. You definitely have to sit back and understand what you have to get better at, and what you have to work on. Definitely figure out the other guy’s tendencies and where they’re going to be, and really figure out the levels as well, I think.

Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images North America

All right, let’s go back to your main job. What are your thoughts on this season coming up?

It’s going to be interesting. Obviously, with the labor negotiations, the CBA, and the owners, there really hasn’t been much leeway and we are really at a position where it’s hurry-up-and-wait. Mid-September, maybe early October we’ll start making leeway. There will be more negotiations, but a lot of it is unknown at this point. We as the players kind of just have to sit back and find other ways to make money.

Yeah, because at this point you guys would have been in camp still or would preseason have started?

In two weeks, we’d be reporting to camp at least. So everybody is just kind of working out right now and doing their best to stay in shape so when the time comes we’ll be ready to go.

What do you to stay in shape? Just pick-up games or…?

Yeah, I’m lifting four times a week. Doing basketball five to six days a week. And I’m doing yoga two to three times a week.

So I got a pretty heavy schedule with mixing in different endorsements, different endeavors, different things that have come my way. I’m very blessed to be that busy and have the different opportunities like this one on Saturday. And I’m just going to try to keep that going as much as possible.

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