Now Coming to the iPhone: ‘’

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  • Read Later, the innovative crowdsourcing music service, made a lot of noise when its beta version launched earlier this year. Things grew so quickly that by its third month of operation the web-only service managed an impressive 207,000 unique visitors—not bad for a startup. By June the company was able to raise $7.5 million in financing and has managed to attract high-profile investors like Kanye West and Lady Gaga.

Now, TechCrunch is reporting that the service is coming to the iPhone as many had anticipated (a fact confirmed by co-founder Billy Chasen in the comments).

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Per their iPhone screenshots the app looks great; it’s essentially a spot-on recreation of the already popular web interface, which has gone on to attract the likes of celebrity DJs like Diplo and Talib Kweli.

As TechCrunch reports:

“We’re told that the company is hoping to release the app next week. It has been in testing with a few dozen people for the past few weeks, and is solid on WiFi connections, but less so over 3G, we’re told.” 

The screenshots indicate built-in integration with Twitter and Facebook, though as Venturebeat points out, it’s unclear if the iPhone app will link to other music services like iTunes, Spotify, or Rdio via the web version. It may just be that particular screenshot didn’t turn up. No word on an Android version just yet, either.

Moving onto a mobile platform undoubtedly puts pressure on other streaming services like Pandora or Spotify to innovate or risk losing users, as nails the social element and leverages sharing better than any of its competitors. And as we’ve seen demonstrated time and time again, it’s that social element that typically creates stickiness.

Yes, the service has a genuinely cool premise that’s generated a ton of well-deserved excitement. Now let’s see if they can create some traction and keep the party going.

[via TechCrunch]

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