Americans Spend over 53 Billion Minutes per Month on Facebook

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So that’s exactly how much time I spend on Facebook per day at work? Kidding. Cumulatively, Americans spend more time on Facebook than on any other website. In the month of May alone, Nielsen estimates that the whole population spent a total of 53.5 billion minutes on the social network. That’s also about the equivalent of 100,000 years, or 36.8 million days.

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Before you freak out about turning into a veggie, keep in mind that this is a cumulative number based on the activity of some 150 million Facebook users. That means each user spends about 350 minutes a month on the site, or about 10 minutes per day.

The second site after Facebook was Yahoo at 17.2 billion minutes. Google followed in third, at 12.5 billion minutes. Maybe it’s time for an Internet detox?

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