And the Top Android App for Men Is…

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According to a new survey by Nielsen, the most used app by men as indicated by metered device usage is—drumroll, please—Google Maps.

In taking a look at how many Android owners used an app in the past 30 days, the study found that 77.1% of males used Google Maps (disregarding the requisite Android Market app).

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Gmail came in a close second (75.5%), with Google Search (72.4%), Facebook (66.9%), and YouTube (53.7%) rounding out the top five. Angry Birds was also on the list with a respectable 27.3%.

So why do men love Google Maps so much? Here’s my guess: It’s not that we (men) don’t like asking for directions, it’s that we just don’t trust other breathing humans to point us in the right ones. As a guy with an awful (and I do mean awful) sense of direction, I’d much rather bury my head in my phone and poke through a bunch of menus than cave in and ask a stranger on the street to send me towards a place he or she’s never heard of. I’m not speaking for all guys; it’s just a hunch. Google’s all-knowing omniscience > all. (Unless my girlfriend’s there—she’s impatient and likes talking to people.)

The most used app by women? Facebook sits at the number one spot with a commanding 81% lead, followed by Gmail (73.4%), Google Maps (71.9%), Google Search (71.3%) and YouTube (48.7%). Here are the full results:


So why do women love checking Facebook so much? (It’s nearly an 8% jump between first place and second place.) I have no idea, but I’m guessing you do.

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