HTC President: Kids Don’t Think the iPhone Is ‘Cool’

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During the Mobile Forward Future event in Seattle, HTC America acting president Martin Fichter walked onstage and told the audience that kids don’t think Apple’s iPhone is “cool” anymore—according to the dorm mates of his daughter at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, anyway. He notes that he saw plenty of college students carrying around HTC phones and other devices; the iPhone, however, was notably absent.

Presented without judgment, according to Giga OM:

Always interested in opposition research, Fichter asked why these kids weren’t clutching the Apple phone (apparently Apple hasn’t totally lost the kids– MacBook Airs were hot). They told him that their parents carried iPhones and they didn’t want the gadgets their parents carried. “The iPhone wasn’t cool. I mean would you want what your parents wanted?” he asked the audience. “I wouldn’t.”

And there you have it, folks. The iPhone: The Phone For Square Parents, straight from the horse’s mouth.

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