Microsoft Finally Updates ‘Blue Screen of Death’ in Windows 8

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An eerie, throbbing shade of blue. How all those times my heart beat a little faster when I saw that screen emerge in the middle of trying to multitask between YouTube, Scrabble, Woot and World of Warcraft. Alas, we will soon say goodbye to our dear friend, the good old Windows “Blue Screen of Death” as we currently know it.

I always appreciated those dying words of data it spouted off towards me, as my computer hovered precipitously amidst the unknown. Sadly, I could never understand what it was saying, but I trust it was important. All I know is that I would hit the power button, and as I heard the whir of my hard drive spin up, my heart would calm in its fervor.

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Windows 8 has decided it’s time to say goodbye. The replacement has come, with its frownie face and cutesy message to comfort me when something has gone dangerously awry. It’s been a long time coming; the Blue Screen of Death has been around since I was a wee young’n. The error screen may very well remain blue-hued forever, despite the superiority of numerous other colors.

It will be missed (until the next time I overclock my PC).

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