The Best iPhone 5 Rumors We’ve Heard (So Far Today)

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Another day, another fresh stack of iPhone 5 rumors. We’ve parsed through all the hearsay to bring you the crème de la crème in wild-eyed Apple speculation. Let’s take a look.

Spotted in the wild: the iPhone 4S?

Let’s see. The iPhone 4 16GB Black? Check. The iPhone 4 32GB White? Check. The iPhone 4s whit…—WHOA WHOA WHOA!—what is this sorcery?! Where are we, Narnia?!

Engadget got their hands on this alleged screenshot of AT&T’s internal system showing something called the “iPhone 4s White” under a category called “Model Versions.” The iPhone 4S is rumored to be a more affordable version of the popular iPhone 4, with a scaled down 8GB hard drive to lower costs and penetrate emerging markets, at least according to Reuters. Then again, perhaps the “s” is just plural for multiple iPhones.

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The iPhone 5 might be getting the iPad 2’s slick processor

MacRumors has photos of either the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4’s new innards, which consist of a new logic board with the same super-fast A5 processor as the iPad 2.

The images were taken from a Chinese microblogging sited called Weibo and are currently making their rounds throughout the blogosphere. Gizmodo points out that if these photos are the real deal, then the higher-capacity battery could also mean that we’ll see improved battery life. (Thumbs up!)

And if that is indeed the next iPhone’s exterior casing, then yes, it’ll probably be available in white right from the launch.

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New case leaks point to a bigger screen, and yes, curved edges

An Italian blog called got their hands on a reportedly leaked case for Apple’s iPhone 5. Last week third-party manufacturers Case Mate came under fire for accidentally publishing early images of what the next iPhone’s case is going to look like. These pictures seem to point to the same curvy design.

Head over to maccitynet to see more shots. If these pictures are real, it means that the new iPhone will be bigger than the current model and could have the rumored 4-inch retina display. Curved edges? At this point they seem like a lock, and if anything, the new iPhone 5 is shaping up to be a miniature version of the iPad 2. Not a bad thing.

Speaking of which…

Bummer: No iPad 3 this year

“Our latest research continues to indicate that there is no such device slated for production this year… There are prototypes in the supply chain related to the next-generation device, but our conversations with industry participants suggest that a new device will not be available until sometime in calendar 2012.” 

—J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, this time speaking with All Things D about the iPad 3.

We previously reported that it was unlikely a new iPad would hit shelves before the end of 2011. If you remember, the iPad 2 made its debut just a few months ago in March, so if you just purchased an iPad 2 there’s no need to sweat.

Long live the iPad 2.

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