Report: Facebook Adding Read, Listened, Watched and Want Buttons

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Do you “like” Facebook? Pretty soon, you may have the chance to also mark things “read,” “listened,” “watched” and “want” on Facebook as well. According to a TechCrunch source, Facebook may be unrolling these new features at its “f8” developer conference later this week.

As the conference gets closer, everyone is speculating about Facebook’s next move. In addition to the new buttons, there is talk of a “major” profile redesign. And the social networking service could finally launch a long-rumored music partnership with Spotify and Rhapsody. The conference happens on Thursday, so we’ll see what happens.

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We’ve fretted over what kind of music partnership could benefit both Facebook and other media streaming services before, but this is the first time we’ve heard something about extra buttons. Mashable says it’s all part of a larger move toward social commerce – and would allow companies to segment specific data rather than through the generic “Like” button.

It’s starting to sound all a bit much to keep up with, especially for Facebook users. It’s a virtual goldmine for online advertisers, though. Still, who wants to take bets that with a possible redesign, some users will be clamoring for a “dislike” button? I know where my money is at.

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