Obama Holding Town Hall on LinkedIn to Discuss Jobs

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Here’s how serious President Obama is about making jobs the subject on everyone’s lips: His next Town Hall meeting—to discuss job creation, obviously—will be hosted by LinkedIn.

The event will be held on Monday, September 26, and LinkedIn users are invited to visit the site and submit questions for the evening. According to CEO Jeff Weiner, the meeting is “an invitation from the White House to people from across the country for an open exchange on [one] of our most pressing objectives as a nation: the creation of jobs and economic opportunity.”

This will be Obama’s second virtual Town Hall in recent months; in June, he held one using Twitter, which itself followed an April visit to the headquarters of Facebook to discuss the economy. At this rate, we should expect to see him using a giant catapult against unsteady structures created by grinning green pigs somewhere around March of next year.

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[via Social Times]

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