Amazon’s Surprise Wednesday Press Conference to Unveil 7-Inch Tablet?

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Amazon just sent out a memo for a press conference to be held next Wednesday, September 28. If the rumors are true, it’s to announce their much-hyped 7-inch tablet—less an “iPad killer” than a competitor to Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

The tablet, which was revealed in a hands-on TechCrunch post, will reportedly be priced at $250 and run a “forked” version of Android software with a single-core processor and no cameras.

As I wrote earlier this month, a Wi-Fi-equipped tablet would “basically be a 7-inch take-anywhere, buy-anything machine,” as Amazon already has your credit card information on file. The announcement would precede Apple’s speculated iPhone 5 announcement on October 4th, opening up the tech geek floodgates just in time for the holidays.

Guess we’ll find out next Wednesday.

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