AT&T Stores Reportedly Already Have iPhone 5 Cases In Stock

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Amidst speculation about whether the soon-to-be-announced new iPhone will sport a new design or basically resemble an iPhone 4 with updated guts (my fake money’s on both: a new model along with a cheaper iPhone 4-like model), MacRumors has apparently been sent photos of a new iPhone protective case that’s already showing up at AT&T stores.

att_iphone_5_sleeve_1The label on the supposed case reads “Silicone Sleeve Apple iPhone 5” and, according to MacRumors, “Like other cases for the rumored redesign of the iPhone 5, these cases appear to show a tapered design and the mute switch moved to the opposite side of the device.”

We’re mere days away from the official announcement, of course, but having visions of newly-designed cases dancing in your head over the weekend might help alleviate those night terrors you’ve been experiencing.

Though this one looks pretty convincing, take it with a grain of salt—at least until next Tuesday when we get the official announcement. We’ll take that day off from Apple rumors and then launch into the iPhone 6 rumors and speculation on Wednesday.

Click here to check out additional photos over at MacRumors.

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