T-Mobile to Offer No-Contract 4G, Unlimited Texting and 100 Voice Minutes for $30

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T-Mobile has partnered with Walmart to offer up a pretty tantalizing prepaid service plan. Starting October 16, you’ll be able to get 4G data, unlimited text messages, and 100 voice minutes for $30 per month.

While the text messages are truly unlimited, the 4G data is limited to five gigabytes (which should be more than enough for just about everybody), after which you’ll still get data access, though at painfully slow 2G speeds. You can also blow past your 100 voice minutes if you like, at which time T-Mobile will start charging you 10 cents per additional minute used.

Also, as this is a prepaid plan, you’ll likely have a pretty limited selection of inexpensive handsets. If you want to use one of the latest and greatest 4G devices with this plan, you’ll probably have to pay full price for it: Forget the $200 subsidized price tag—that’s how they get people to sign up for two-year contracts.

All the fine print aside, this is still a pretty handsome deal, especially if you rarely use your phone to actually make phone calls. The new plan will be available in Walmart stores, at Walmart.com and at T-Mobile.com and should be available October 16.

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