iPhone 4S Apparently Pops Up on Apple’s Japanese Site Early

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Well this is mighty interesting. A page for one of the Apple retail stores in Japan is touting the “iPhone 4S” as appearing October 14 starting at 8:00am. Google’s translation is a bit rough and there’s no telling if Apple’s going to pull the page anytime soon—it doesn’t actually go anywhere interesting when you click on the “Learn more” link and the tout image is broken (see below).iphone4sjapan

Also reported by 9to5Mac.com: If you change the URL of certain iPhone 4 image files found on Apple’s U.S. website to add an “S” at the end, you’ll get image files that look pretty much identical to the iPhone 4 images. That could be a fluke or it could simply mean that the iPhone 4S, if it does indeed exist, will sport the same outward-facing design as the iPhone 4.

We’ll know all the official details in no time at all, as Apple prepares to officially unveil the new hardware today.

[via Business Insider]