Twitter Mourns Steve Jobs

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It’s been almost 24 hours since the first news of Steve Jobs’ death first rocked the Internet, and still Twitter users are pouring out lamentations 140 characters at a time.

By 12 a.m. ET Thursday morning, there had been 1.4 million tweets mentioning Jobs and 11,000 news articles written, according to All Things D.

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Here are some of the more notable tweets:

Ashton Kutcher, @aplusk

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs RIP"

Robert Scoble, @Scobleizer

"I was driving on the freeway in Cupertino when I heard the news. Shocking. So much emotion is swirling about."

Gizmodo, @Gizmodo

"Apple has confirmed Steve Jobs is dead. It’s now on their front page. This is a very sad day. Godspeed, Steve."

io9, @io9

"RIP Steve Jobs. Thanks, Steve, for making the world more science fictional."

Arnold Schwarzenegger, @Schwarzenegger

"Steve lived the California Dream every day of his life and he changed the world and inspired all of us. #ThankYouSteve"

Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell

"RIP Steve Jobs. You left your mark on our desks, on our ears & in our hands."

Alyssa Milano, @Alyssa_Milano

"Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You were always a big part of my world with your special inventions. Thank you for your brain."


RIP Steve Jobs. In unrelated news, I am proud to announce we are now in the first stages of development of the iHeaven app.

Tim Carmody, @tcarmody

I’m on my way to PHL to see my son, who uses a device Steve Jobs invented to help him talk. He will never know. He will never know.

Michael Arrington, @arrington

Damn. People like steve jobs are supposed to live forever

John Hodgman, @hodgman

Everything good I have done, I have done on a Mac.

Andy Carvin, @acarvin

In elementary school, I used an Apple ll. In college, I had a Mac Plus w/ a 20 meg hard drive. Now my 3-year-old is playing with an iPad.

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