Google Drops ‘Is My Son Gay?’ App from Android Market

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Responding to a Twitter campaign led by LGBT activist website, Google this week pulled a controversial app called “Is My Son Gay?” from its Android Market.

The app was released last month to immediate controversy, with many upset by the idea of an app that, following a 20-question quiz, would tell parents whether their sons were gay or straight. Questions included “Does he like to dress up nicely?” and “Does he like diva singers?”.

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According to a statement from French development team Enneme Moi, who created the app to promote Christophe de Baran’s novel of the same name, the app was “conceived with a playful approach” and “not based at all on scientific research.”

Unsurprisingly, not everyone thought the app was so playful. In a statement from co-founder Andre Banks celebrating the app’s removal, it was called “outrageous and only [serving] to further negative stereotypes and homophobia.” The organization had led a campaign that saw hundreds of members tweet the message “Demand that @Google & #Android dump homophobic ‘Is My Son #Gay?’ app NOW, no excuses! #LGBT”.

Google hasn’t officially commented on the situation, but both the English and French versions of the app quietly disappeared from the Android Market earlier this week.

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