Adobe Shows Off Blurry Picture Fix in Photoshop

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You had the perfect shot. Everything was framed just right, your subjects were smiling, and the lighting was beautiful. But then you hit the camera button with a little too much gusto, and the whole photo came out a blurry mess.

Fortunately, Adobe has demonstrated a fix for blurry photos in Photoshop. Using advanced algorithms, the deblurring effect analyzes pictures to determine how the camera was moving at the time of the photo and makes corrections accordingly. Adobe showed off the feature at its MAX conference last week. Adobe also showed off this feature at last year’s MAX conference, but now it seems more refined.

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The video above is, ironically, too blurry to do great justice to the feature, but you can hear people flipping out when they see deblurring in action, at about the 1:16 mark. (Also, the effect is more prominent if you watch at full screen in 720p.)

As useful as deblurring might be for professional photographers, I’d be more interested in seeing the feature in Adobe’s upcoming Photoshop Touch apps for Android and iOS. After all, phone cameras are notorious for blurry pictures. The ability to correct motion blur on smartphone photos with an automated effect would be worth paying for.

Sadly, Adobe’s not saying when or if deblur will show up in any version of Photoshop, let alone mobile apps. According to SlashGear, an Adobe executive said the feature “may or may not appear in a future version, we won’t commit to timing.”

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