New Version of iTunes Available, iOS 5 Update Coming Soon

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You can now download iTunes 10.5 from Apple’s website, which might not be a bad idea if you’re planning on installing the new iOS 5 software on your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod Touch when it becomes available tomorrow. Apple’s tubes might get a bit clogged once everyone starts trying to grab iOS 5, so maybe get the new iTunes installed now since you’ll need it to get iOS 5.

Even without iOS 5 on board quite yet, the new version of iTunes touts Apple’s new iCloud features. Says Apple:

“As part of iCloud, iTunes in the Cloud takes what you buy on iTunes on one device and pushes it to all your other devices, wirelessly and without syncing. And with iTunes Match, even the songs you’ve imported from CDs are stored in iCloud — so you can access them on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Mac, or PC.”

However, iTunes Match isn’t yet available either. It’s still listed as “coming soon” and, as previously reported, will let you—ahem—kinda, sorta legitimize your music collection with cloud-based versions of the songs on your hard drive for $25 per year and then make them available to your any of your connected Apple gadgets running iOS 5.

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