Twitter Drops Lawsuit in Exchange for ‘Tweet’ Trademark

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Twitter owns “tweet.”

Twitter has dropped a lawsuit against the company Twittad over its use of the word in its advertising, reports the Wall Street Journal, in exchange for Twittad transferring the registered trademark for the word “tweet” to Twitter. As part of the settlement, Twitter will also restore Twittad’s Twitter account, allowing the company to resume its business of facilitating Twitter users to get paid to advertise products on the service.

The agreement between the two companies also allows Twittad to continue using the tagline “Let your ad meet tweets.”

Twittad CEO James Eliason declined to comment on whether or not Twitter had paid Twittad for the trademark transfer, citing a confidentiality agreement, with Twitter releasing a statement explaining that it had “arrived at a resolution with Twittad that recognizes consistent use of Tweet while supporting the continued success of Twitter ecosystem partners.”

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