iPhone 4S Sold Out Online

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Hoping to casually wander down to your local store tomorrow and pick up a new iPhone 4S without any hassle? That’s not likely to happen—nor is it looking like it’ll happen anytime soon, either. According to the websites of AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel, the new iPhone has sold out for immediate shipment. It’ll be interesting to see how much stock has been reserved for the phone’s retail launch tomorrow.

Apple’s website lists the phone’s ship time at one to two weeks, regardless of the carrier. Both Sprint’s and Verizon’s websites show no remaining iPhone 4S stock available at all, while AT&T’s site is now suggesting a delivery time of three to four weeks.

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise; pre-orders for the new phone broke records last Friday, with one million people placing orders within 24 hours.

Analyst Roger Entner, told Bloomberg that at least half of those who have pre-ordered are “Apple aficionados” who upgrade their iPhones with every release, with the remaining customers a mix of people upgrading from older models and those buying their first iPhone.

“It looks like another blockbuster launch for Apple, only this time with three carriers,” he offered, adding that the new customers will help take America past an important milestone: “With this iPhone launch, we will have broken through the 50 percent penetration level [for smartphone usage in the U.S.]”

Half of America’s cellphone users are now using smartphones? Clearly, this is the future. Now, if only we could get iCloud working

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