Whoops, Apple’s iCloud Mail Service Goes Kaboom

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I’m pretty sure iCloud mail was working when I logged in early this morning, but at some point over the past couple hours, it went belly up. As I’m writing this, I have the jagged lightning bolt symbol eyeballing me next to the “Inbox” view in my Apple Mail client. If I click it, I’m prompted for my iCloud account password, which was working last night, but seems to be in full-on fail mode this morning.

Connecting to Apple’s official www.icloud.com page proves no better. At least I can login, but clicking the Mail icon produces the error image shown up top. For kicks, I hopped on Twitter and ran a search on “iCloud”…with predictable results.

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“my iCloud mail is down, keeps asking for password. Anybody else having issues with this?” tweets user 777bob.

“First problems with iCloud. Mail.app keeps asking for password and the web interface is not working…Not good,” tweets user macography, with a link to a post depicting the same error messages I’ve been seeing.

“Why isn’t anybody talking about the DISASTROUS iCloud rollout? Apple’s servers have been crashed for HOURS! Impossible to get email!” tweets user netzyadoc.

Or, as twitter user bryanhunt sums up in two words: “iCloud email #fail.”

It looks like Apple’s partly admitting there’s trouble in “it just works!” iCloud paradise. There’s a system status note stating “iCloud: Account – Users Affected: Some” with an exclamation point inside a yellow triangle, but Apple’s playing it off as “intermittent slowness when logging in to iCloud,” not an on/off availability issue, which it clearly is.

Stay tuned, Apple users, stay tuned.

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