Tila, Quarterlife and $#*!: Why Social Media and Old Media Don’t Mix

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Twitter/$#*! My Dad Says

Perhaps the greatest example of old media completely misunderstanding the appeal of new media, the CBS show $#*! My Dad Says apparently looked at Justin Halpern’s Twitter feed, realized what made it so funny—the lack of context, the bluntness and occasional cruelty of the quotes—and pretty much did away with it in favor of a generic sitcom about a grouchy old man who just so happened to be played by William Shatner, and so therefore seemed kind of lovable. It was a strange case of slapping a brand known by only a certain few—albeit almost all of them likely to be in the demographics much beloved by advertisers—on something almost entirely unrelated, and in the process, probably doing a lot of harm to both things.


Let’s face it; we all wanted to watch $#*! Denny Crane Says anyway, didn’t we?

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