MC Hammer Launches ‘WireDoo’ Search Engine for Some Reason

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Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em. Those competing search engines know that your new search engine, WireDoo, is too legit to quit. Stop. Hammer time moves much faster than standard technology product development time.

Don’t stop, actually. After all, they put you in the mix. Now everyone keeps saying, “Here comes the Hammer!” This is the way you roll, though. It’s all good. You had no other choice but to pump it up. Here’s the news: WireDoo does “deep search,” says Mashable.

Have you seen her? Nobody has. She’s not available to the public yet, but when she is, we’ll all say, “Yo!! Sweetness.” We’ll just pray you officially turn this mutha out. Until then, we’re all in the same gang—we can’t touch this.

[via Mashable]

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