Quiet Time: ‘iStroll Kid’ Is an iPad Case that Attaches to a Stroller

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Billed as “the world’s first iPad case for baby strollers,” the iStroll Kid puts your child’s favorite tablet front and center while you play the part of chauffer. The idea was hatched by a father, Christian Souza, whose young son would throw fits any time he was in the car or in his stroller:

“When my wife and I went anywhere – to the grocery store, to the mall, to run a short 10-minute errand – if we had to take my son Alexander with us, that errand was guaranteed to become a nightmare. See, Alexander doesn’t like drives and he doesn’t like staying in his stroller. He’s easily displeased in both places and when he is, the decibel level of his screaming is enough to drive dogs wild.”

The problem was half-remedied by installing a DVD player in the car. “The stroller, however, was still a challenge,” says Souza. The iStroll Kid pulls double duty, as it can be mounted both in the car and to a stroller.

While there’s considerable debate about whether young children should be restricted from watching TV or even using iPads before a certain age, a stroller-mounted iPad case was pretty much an inevitability, huh?

No word on when you’ll be able to get your own iStroll Kid, as Souza is still “seeking to raise funds to pay for the mold and create our first batch”—it’ll apparently be submitted as a Kickstarter project in the near future.

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