Snoop Dogg, Sean Parker and 5 More Spotify Users You Should Add Now

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Until Google irons out its music licensing issues with the big record labels, its Google Music service (which the Wall Street Journal says is rumored to launch within the next few weeks) probably won’t reach the popularity of the music industry’s latest big thing: Spotify. One thing Google does want to do is emulate Spotify’s social media features, which lets people share public playlists. So, what to do if your friends don’t have the best taste in music? Find someone who does!

Everyone from obsessive music geeks to celebs are sharing their playlists with the masses; Facebook kingpin Mark Zuckerberg really, really likes Green Day while Britney Spears has a thing for other pop legends such as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. For those looking for something a little more advanced, we recommend adding these seven Spotify users to your people list.

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Snoop Dogg: Sure, most of his playlists consist of his own songs, but, hey, they’re pretty good songs. His “Black N Yellow” list sheds some insight into his soul and R&B influences, plus it’s fun to imagine him dancing around to the O’Jays and Freddie Jackson.

Trent Reznor: The Nine Inch Nails frontman currently has 12 public playlists, including one made entirely of covers of his own songs by other bands. Apparently Trent gets reflective on the road, seeing as his “Current driving music” playlist includes songs from Magnetic Fields and The Cure. Somebody give him a hug!

Sean Parker: Since this is the guy who built Napster, the precursor to services like Spotify, you’d expect him to have good taste in music. You would be correct. The Spotify investor’s 59 playlists run the gamut from Britpop to popular indie to ’90s classics. Notably absent: Metallica.

Sasha Frere-Jones: The New Yorker‘s music scribe’s playlists are, as one would expect, full of obscure finds. Add him and you’ll be able to impress even the most jaded music nerds. Sonic Youth fans might want to peruse his comprehensive “SONIC 4 LYFE” playlist.

Daniel Ek: The co-founder and CEO of Spotify’s profile reveals that his life is probably much more exciting than yours. I wish I needed separate playlists for visits to my London office, going out to the clubs, taking trips to Dubai and, going by its title (“Happy Birthday Zuck!”) and many, many Green Day songs, celebrating Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday.

Ed Banger: The French electronica label (who has released records for acts including Daft Punk and Justice) maintains a great profile which features playlists created by its artists. If you’re looking for something new or cutting edge, this is the place to go.

Luca Castelli: He might not be a household name, but the blogger behind the site Spotirama has a self-proclaimed “pathological nickhornbian [sic] obsession for lists and charts,” referring to the music-obsessed author of High Fidelity. Go ahead, load his page, which might take awhile considering his 712 public playlists. If you’re a completist, you’ll enjoy such compilations as “10 Best Ever Albums of 1963” and a list of 111 songs that are under two minutes long.

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