WATCH: New Taiwanese Animation Explains Rumored Yahoo Buyout

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So, is Google trying to buy Yahoo or what? It’s all so confusing! Fear not, people of the Internet, because Taiwan’s Next Media Animation explains the entire situation in its latest video.

Here is the gist of what’s happening: An unnamed source told the Wall Street Journal that Google has been talking with two firms that are looking to help fund the company’s takeover bid of Yahoo. If it turns out to be true, it’ll be quite the surprise considering people assumed that anti-trust issues would discourage a takeover attempt, seeing as Google is the world’s most popular search engine while Yahoo is the second.

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Regardless of whether such a bid is feasible, Yahoo’s stock rose around 3% after the word got out. Of course, reading up on the potential deal is such a drag. Why not learn about it via awkward computer animation?

You see, the whole fiasco is a circus, which is why Jerry Yang is dressed up as a ringmaster and unceremoniously shot out of a cannon in tears after his company’s stock takes a nosedive. In the end, a surfer dude in cargo shorts who for some reason represents Google is seen exchanging giant pots of money with the two unnamed firms.

The lesson: When someone hands you a wrapped gift with the words “$44.6 billion” printed on it, accept it, or you’ll be shot out of a cannon.

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