‘Anonymous’ Threatens to Take Down Fox News Next Month

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Well, that’s certainly one way to complain about news coverage. Hackers claiming to represent Anonymous have announced plans to take down Fox News’ website on November 5 in protest over the network’s coverage of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

Calling the Fox coverage “continued right-wing, conservative propaganda against the occupations,” the hackers explained in a new video that “since [Fox] will not stop belittling the occupiers, we will simply shut them down.” Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and former Fox News personality Glenn Beck are named as “primary targets” for the attack, according to a caption.

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The attack is planned for November 5th, the same day as a previously announced (and potentially fake) Facebook takedown is scheduled to occur. More importantly, it’s also Guy Fawkes’ Day in the U.K., in honor of the terrorist who tried to blow up parliament in the 17th century, and whose likeness has been adopted via the comic and movie V For Vendetta, by Anonymous and its supporters in public appearances.

Fox News has not officially responded to the threat but, let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before the issue is raised on air.

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