Angry Birds, Now Serving over Half a Billion

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Move over McDonald’s, Angry Birds has you beat by a factor of eight: Developer Rovio says the popular bird-flinging, pig-pummeling mobile game for iPhone and Android mobiles has been downloaded over 500 million times across all platforms since it launched not quite two years ago.

Popping up my iPhone 4’s App Store, there it is, holding the number two spot with 34,681 ratings (the number one “paid” game at the moment is Zombieville USA 2). Just below it, in fourth place, Angry Birds Seasons, and you only need drop to 12th place to find Angry Birds Rio. The free version of Angry Birds is ranked 20th (under “free” games), with only 19,424 ratings, suggesting more players are downloading the paid than freebie version.

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Angry Birds costs just $0.99, but even if we guesstimate something like half of those 500 million downloads were paid, you’d be talking $250 million in revenue for a game that cost an estimated €100,000 ($137,690 USD) to make.

Rovio claims Angry Birds is now “one of the most downloaded games in the history of gaming.” That sounds about right—I can’t think of another, from any genre or gaming era, that comes close.

More Rovio fun facts: Angry Birds has been played for a total of 200,000 years globally, and clocks in at 300 million minutes of play time daily. More than 266 billion levels have been played, 400 billion birds launched and upwards of 44 billion stars collected (I have no idea how Rovio comes up with this data).

Next up: Angry Birds for the Nokia Asha 300 and 303 S40 “feature phones,” which Rovio says “will bring Angry Birds entertainment to completely new emerging mobile markets.” Rovio’s also poised to launch the world’s first Angry Birds retail shop in Helsinki.

Indeed, the company’s merchandizing arm has grown long—Rovio says it’s shipped over 10 million Angry Birds toys worldwide. Yep, honest-to-goodness plush toys, too. I mean, just look at that silly apoplectic bird in the shot up top.

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