Sparrow Releases Details in Wake of Gmail iOS App Fail

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Yesterday Sparrow, makers of the popular mail app for Mac, wasted no time wisecracking about Google’s short-lived and poorly received release of the Gmail app for iOS by tweeting “In a few months, you’ll get the Gmail experience you deserve on your iPhone. Sparrow to the rescue!”

Now, the company has released shots and some key details on the app’s upcoming release, which it says should happen within the next few months.

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Business Insider quotes Sparrow cofounder Dominique Leca as claiming that Sparrow was “putting the ‘final touches’ on the backend and basic interactions for users.”┬áThe article goes on to say that heavy testing should begin in a week.

Sparrow even released some slightly obscured photos with hints of the app’s user interface, which, if you use the desktop app, should look fairly familiar, featuring the same minimal design and prominent profile pictures. The iOS app, like the desktop app, will let you access multiple email accounts.

Even when Google rereleases its Gmail app, Sparrow might have a chance to steal some of its thunder. Aside from the broken notifications, critics noted that you couldn’t open photos within the app and that it doesn’t accommodate multiple user accounts.

I’m sure that by the time Sparrow does come out with its iOS app, the Gmail app will be back on the market, presumably with most of its bugs fixed. Still, its nice to know you have some good alternatives.

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