Daily Diversion: Microsoft Builds Six-Story Windows Phone

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Behold, the gigantic Windows smartphone in NYC’s Herald Square. No, Microsoft isn’t going after the under-served Godzilla demographic; it’s celebrating the release of its four new phones, which all run on the delicious-sounding Mango (less-deliciously known as Windows Phone 7.5).

Those four phones would be the HTC Radar 4G, Samsung Focus S, Samsung Focus Flash and the HTC Titan, which, with its huge 4.7-inch display, is the closest of the four to the mammoth phone in New York. Buyers of the new phones (which range from $49 to $199) will also get a $25 prepaid card to use to buy apps at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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So, what does the oversized Windows Phone actually do? No, you can’t call your mother on it. Its LED screens will mostly be broadcasting live performances from the event; also, according to the Windows Phone Blog, it will be displaying everything from games to music in its other “Live Tiles.”

Apple, the bar has been raised. Here’s hoping for a giant iPhone 4S, whose booming Siri proclamations will terrify passersby as it answers questions about the weather and where to get good Indian food.

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