TechFast: Google+ for Business, Zuck on Charlie Rose, Modern Warfare 3

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Good morning! Here’s what’s shaking today.

Google+: It’s Not Just for People Any More

Google+ welcomes companies with Google+ Pages. Many of your favorite brands can now be added to your Circles, but administration of the accounts is causing headaches for some companies. Why? Because the pages can only be tied to a single Google account.

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New Call of Duty Game Hits Stores

Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is available today. The highly-anticipated first-person shooter will duke it out with EA’s Battlefield 3 for a slot in gamers’ wicker baskets this holiday season.

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Zuck on Charlie Rose

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talked tech on Charlie Rose last night. Zuck was in Boston yesterday recruiting the best and the brightest from MIT and Harvard, prompting whispers of a Boston-based Facebook outpost.

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Nook Tablet Announced

Barnes and Noble announced the $249 Nook Tablet yesterday. The 7-inch slab features books, apps and high-definition video playback. It’ll be available next week, as will it’s biggest competitor, the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire.

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iPhone Security Bug

An iOS developer found a security flaw that could affect iPhones and iPads, and plans to demonstrate how the exploit works at a security conference—but not until next week, in order to give Apple time to fix the issue. After relaying the news to Apple, the man’s developer license was terminated.

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