Glowing Pillow with Heartbeat Connects Long-Distance Lovers

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Long-distance relationships are hard. Maintaining creepy, intimate contact during a long-distance relationship is even harder. Introducing Pillow Talk, the new device that lets you hear the real-time heartbeat of your long-distance lover, even if he or she is across the country.

Scottish designer Joanna Montgomery developed the device, which works by using a ring to measure your heartbeat and a flat panel inside your pillow to glow and beat in sync with your partner’s heartbeat. It’s like sleeping next to a ghost or eery alien presence, except, no, it’s someone who, for some reason, is in a relationship with you.

Sadly, Pillow Talk is not for sale yet, but you can eagerly await its arrival at Little Riot, Montogomery’s design company based in Edinburgh.

[via NewsFeed]

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