TechFast: Flash for Mobile Dead, WebOS’ Future, Firefox 8

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Happy Wednesday! Here’s what’s going on in tech so far…

Adobe Killing Mobile Flash?

ZDNet reports that Adobe will be “stopping development on Flash Player for browsers on mobile” and will be reallocating resources to the more universally-compatible HTML5 standard. An official announcement is expected today at 10:00am Eastern.

More: ZDNet | Adobe | Techland

HP’s WebOS Play

Reuters reports that HP is mulling the sale of the mobile WebOS software it fetched when it acquired Palm for $1.2 billion last year, though it probably shouldn’t expect to turn a profit on the deal.

More: Reuters | The Verge

Siri Staying iPhone 4S-Only for Now

A developer contacted Apple, suggesting Siri be made available to non-iPhone 4S devices for $20. Apple apparently responded that it “currently [has] no plans to support older devices.”

More: Michael Steeber | Techland

Firefox 8 Web Browser Now Available

Mozilla has released the latest version of its Firefox web browser. Firefox 8 brings integrated Twitter search and more robust HTML5 and WebGL support. The Android version of Firefox has been updated as well.

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