Check Out Every Apple Store Ever Opened, in Order

A Ph.D student shows his love for Apple Stores by posting photos of all 357 of them, from Bordeaux to British Columbia.

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Have you heard of these Apple Stores? Apparently they’re very popular places to pick up consumer electronics. Thomas Park, a doctoral student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, likes them so much he’s created the ultimate visual database of Apple Stores across the world.

Seriously, you’re going to be scrolling for awhile. It starts with the first Apple Store ever in Tysons Corner, Virginia and ends with store number 357 in Burnaby, British Columbia. According to his website, his plan was to “go back and see how Apple storefronts have evolved over the past decade,” but couldn’t find anything that put them all in one place—so he created a gallery of his own.

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While plenty of them, especially the ones in shopping malls, look the same, a few really stand out, from the stores in Bologna and Bordeaux that incorporate Apple’s look into existing classical architecture to the sleek, standalone structures in Chicago’s Lincoln Park and Fifth Avenue in New York.

Yes, shopping from home is convenient, but then you don’t get to walk around and touch all of the shiny stuff—a lot easier now that Apple Stores now offer self-checkout.

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