What Are You Listening To? Facebook Users Share Music 1.5 Billion Times in Two Months

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REUTERS / Robert Galbraith

Facebook users really, really want their friends to know what they’re listening to. According to numbers released by the social networking giant yesterday, users have shared their listening activity more than 1.5 billion times in the two months since Facebook unveiled its listening integration services with Open Graph.

According to the company’s Casey Maloney Rosales Muller, “some of our biggest music developers have more than doubled their active users, while earlier-stage startups and services starting with a smaller base have seen anywhere between a 2-10x increase in active users” as a result of partnering with Facebook, with Spotify alone adding four million new users since teaming up with the company.

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Other services have seen significant bumps, with MOG’s Facebook userbase growing 246 percent, and Rdio seeing an increase in registrations from Facebook of 30 times the previous amount. Facebook also tracks an increase in concert revenue for artists linked on the site, with each link apparently accounting for between $2-$6 in direct ticket sales.

“It’s still early,” Muller wrote at the Facebook Developers blog, “but these results show that the Open Graph can be a powerful discovery mechanism for users and drive significant growth for developers.”

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