Apple’s iPhone ‘Battery Fix’ No Fix at All?

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Matt Peckham / Techland

Is your iPhone’s battery faring better or worse after Apple’s iOS 5.0.1 update yesterday afternoon? The update—Apple’s first offered over the air, direct to phones running iOS 5.0—is supposed to remedy “bugs affecting battery life,” as well as add multitasking gestures for the original iPad, fix a bug with iCloud documents and improve voice recognition for those in Australia who use dictation.

But this morning, some users claim the so-called “battery life fix” hasn’t rectified their troubles—and for a few, it may have made the situation worse.

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“I upgraded to the new software today and am still losing about 10% per hour of batter, even when i’m not using the phone!” writes one user on Apple’s support forums.

“I totally regret upgrading to 5.0.1 as it was working fine for me on just version 5,” writes a second, adding: “I upgraded for the mere fact that it had iCloud document fixes and didn’t think it would worsen my battery life.”

“iOS 5.0.1, iPhone 3GS, battery is still draining fast,” reports a third. “Automatic timezone is trying to locate continously [sic]. Maps get location normally. Hourly mail and calendar check is also draining battery on iOS 5. So this 5.0.1 update is not fixing anything for 3GS user.”

It’s not all gloom and doom. At least one user claims that “battery life improved greatly after the upgrade to 5.0.1,” noting that “[after] the upgrade to 5.0.1, after 6 hours with 1 in use and 5 in standby I was down 9%. In the first 4 hours, with 30 minutes of use and 3:30 of standby I was down 4%. Huge improvement.”

What say you, Techland readers? Has iOS 5.0.1 remedied your iPhone’s battery life woes?

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