Today in Least Necessary Purchases: ‘Spotify For Dummies’

Finally, a book that explains the popular music streaming service.

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Spotify! It’s so complicated! You sign in, see songs on the screen…but then what? Do you poke at them with your finger? Yell “Spotify, activate!” into your mouse? Cry huddled in a corner, because you’re an unfrozen cavemen terrified by modern technology?

No, silly, you pick up Spotify For Dummies, the latest volume in the long, storied series aimed at educating our nation’s dullards. No longer will the concept of typing a song into a search box, clicking on it, and then listening to it confound the good people of the Internet.

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Forget the fact that if you’ve heard of Spotify, you’re probably the kind of person who knows how to use Spotify. There are still plenty of difficult tasks to master! What does “+ New Playlist” mean? What am I, a genius? That’s what Spotify For Dummies is for.

For only $21.99, you can unlock the secrets to:

  • Share playlists by connecting through Facebook, which it automatically prompts you to do
  • Download the Spotify app for your iPhone
  • Download the Spotify app for your Android
  • Pay $9.99 a month for Spotify premium

All this in convenient book form, because that’s clearly the best way to learn about a fairly intuitive online music streaming service.

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