Robotic Polar Bear Pillow Tickles Your Face to Keep You from Snoring

A Japanese scientist shows off the latest in anti-snoring technology at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo.

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Can’t stop snoring? Sure, you could try nasal strips or having your partner nudge you with disdain, but we at Techland recommend going the high-tech route: Japanese robotic polar bear pillows. Jukusui-kun, which translates to “Deep Sleep,” was recently debuted at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo.

The bear was designed by Dr. Kabe from Wasaeda University in Japan to help those who suffer from sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous condition that, if untreated, can leave a person unable to breath during sleep. Of course, there’s no reason this pillow couldn’t help regular snorers as well.

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It works by monitoring snoring volume through built-in microphones and oxygen levels in the blood via a pulse oximeter worn around the wrist. When snoring increases and oxygen levels decrease, Jukusui-kun goes into action by gently tickling the face, hopefully causing the sleeper to move positions without waking him or her up.

So, as long as you aren’t terrified of a writhing, hairy robot arm brushing up against your face, you may have just found a solution to your snoring problem.


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