YouTube Gets a Google+ Facelift

Google+ integration, a new dashboard and a gray makeover are already showing up for a few select users.

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YouTube is the latest Google property to get a Google+ makeover, just a few weeks after Google Reader got the same (to mixed reviews). While the changes aren’t huge, The Next Web‘s photos do show an increased integration of Google’s social network, plus a few other tweaks as well.

In the future, when you sign on to YouTube you’ll see a long list of videos that people within your Google+ circles have shared. No, it’s not exactly revolutionary, but it shows that Google is committed to making Google+ the most common way for people to share stuff on the internet, not to mention it’ll help cut through the immense clutter that YouTube users have to endure now.

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There will also be a new dashboard on the left side of the screen, aimed at helping users organize their subscriptions and keep track of their favorite categories. The home screen will be different too. Instead of the current everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach, there will be a single column displaying bigger video previews, so you’ll know what to expect before you press play.

What is now the fullscreen button will be modified to allow for more customizable shrinking and expanding, while the background will get a gray makeover aimed at making the color of the videos pop.

We’ll have to reserve judgement until after we’ve played around with it for a little bit. Here’s hoping that it’s better received than the Google Reader update…

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[via The Next Web]