TechFast: Next-Gen BlackBerry, Ultrathin MacBook Pro, New Xbox in January?

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Happy Tuesday! Here’s what’s happening in tech so far…

BlackBerry London? reports that the BlackBerry “London” may make its way to market in June of next year (or later). It’ll reportedly run the all-new BBX operating system, similar to the operating system found on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

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How to Hide from Google

If you’ve got a wireless access point in your home, you can now prevent Google from storing your (non-identifying) location information. The catch? You’ll have to add change your wireless network name to include “_nomap” on the end of it, which means reconfiguring all the Wi-Fi devices you’ve previously connected.

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15-inch MacBook Air or Super-Skinny MacBook Pro?

Apple suppliers have reportedly “started shipping a small volume of components for a 15-inch ultra-thin notebook model” that’s “expected to appear as early as the second quarter of 2012,” according to DigiTimes. The jury’s out about whether such a product would be branded as a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro.

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New iTunes Brings “iTunes Match”

In case you missed it, Apple updated iTunes yesterday to include the new $25-per-year “iTunes Match” service that backs up your music collection to Apple’s servers.

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New Xbox in January?

There’s loose talk that Microsoft may reveal its next-generation Xbox console in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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