Crazy 360-Degree Battlefield 3 Simulator Uses Infrared Cameras and Paintball Guns

Battlefield 3 the way it was meant to be played—in a 30-foot igloo full of projectors.

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Is the normal Battlefield 3 experience not enough for you? Want a more realistic combat experience without, you know, actually having to be in combat? Then take a gander at the insane combat simulator built by The Gadget Show.

The igloo, which measures nearly 30-feet across, is equipped with five projectors, which keep the screen in front of the player at all times. Even cooler is the roller-driven, omnidirectional treadmill created by a Swedish company that makes simulators for militaries across the world. Ten infrared cameras track the player’s position, while a hacked Kinect monitors whether the player is crouching or jumping.

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If that wasn’t enough, 12 paintball guns are positioned around the igloo so that each time a virtual bogey hits your character, you feel the sharp sting of defeat. Your weapon? An appBlaster toy gun equipped with a smartphone synced with a PC running Battlefield 3.

Yeah, you’re going to want to see this, even if you have to endure the ridiculous outfit of host Jason Bradbury. First person to build this thing in his or her home wins an uninvited, uncomfortably long visit from yours truly.

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