TechFast: Facebook De-Pornification, Windows 8 Tablet, Sony Internet TV

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Good morning and happy Wednesday. Here’s what’s going on in tech so far…

Facebook Reportedly Fixes Porn Problem

The past couple days have brought certain Facebook users unwelcome offensive images (to put it lightly), but the company claims it has the problem under control.

More: BBC News | Techland

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Promised in June 2012

Previously a rumor, Nokia’s Paul Amsellem recently said that the company will be launching a Windows 8 tablet in June of next year.

More: SlashGear

Sony Mulling Internet TV Service?

Sony reportedly wants to offer an “over-the-top” TV service that would bypass traditional cable and satellite products. This one’s still in the rumor phase, though.

More: Wall Street Journal

Steve Jobs Wanted to Build a Mobile Network

According to wireless industry veteran John Stanton, he and Steve Jobs “spent a lot of time talking about whether synthetically you could create a carrier using Wi-Fi spectrum” for the original iPhone because Jobs “wanted to replace carriers.”

More: ITWorld

Microsoft Socl: A Social Network with Vowels Missing

The Verge reports about Microsoft’s “Socl” research project, noting that “it’s possible that it won’t ever get released as a mainstream product, but we’re hearing it’s still going to be tested publicly.”

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