In the Market for an iPhone 4S? You Might Have to Wait a Few Weeks

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Apple's iPhone 4S, which wasn't called the iPhone 5, didn't have a larger screen and a tear-shaped case and didn't run Flash

Where’s my iPhone 4S? Well, that all depends on which wireless carrier you’re buying the latest version of the iPhone from. Not surprisingly, some carriers are facing shortages as people line up for the coveted devices.

Verizon isn’t shy about when some its customers may finally see the light of Siri. Their website clearly states that customers may have to wait for more than three weeks. That’s about the same amount of time that AT&T customers have to wait, too. Sprint estimates a two-week wait time. As some people have speculated, it’s not that Apple’s manufacturers haven’t kept pace; it’s just because demand has been exceptionally high.

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AT&T’s Glen Lurie has noted that it’s been good for the company. He told the Wall Street Journal, “We are having some supply issues in the sense that demand’s huge. We have had just record-breaking sales on it.” It’s been estimated that 27 million iPhones could be sold globally in Apple’s first quarter.

All three carriers are hoping that the introduction of the iPhone 4S will boost the number of wireless subscribers domestically. Apple has estimated that nearly 4 million iPhone 4S devices were sold the first weekend it was introduced.

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