Your Kid Probably Wants an iPad for Christmas

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Not that you needed a survey to tell you this, but there’s a statistically good chance that someone in your family wants an iPad for the holidays.

A Nielsen survey, conducted in October, found that 44% of children ages six through 12 were interested in buying an iPad in the next six months. (By the way, I love Nielsen’s phrasing, “Interest in buying,” as if these kids control the discretionary income.) Also, 30% want an iPod Touch, and 27% want an iPhone.

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Granted, the survey only applies to electronics, not to gifts in general, but honestly, what else do kids want these days? Furbies? Micro Machines? Hah!

Anyway, people ages 13 and older are also eyeing iPads, but not as much as younger respondents. Of those surveyed, 24% said they’re interested in buying an iPad in the next six months.

Here are a few other noteworthy findings from the survey, followed by the rest of the results:

  • 17% of children ages six through 12 are interested in e-readers. So apparently some kids still like to read.
  • A decent percentage of people want a non-iPad tablet–17% of people ages 13 and over, and 25% of younger children.
  • The Nintendo 3DS is the most sought after gaming device among younger children. For folks over age 13, it’s the Kinect for Xbox 360.
  • iPhones and non-iPhones are about even in 13-and-over purchase plans. For younger kids, the iPhone leads 27% to 19%.
  • Although the iPad leads the charts, computers are in second place for people over age 13, with 18% planning to buy one in the next six months.
  • Last year, more 13-and-over respondents in the survey planned to buy computers than iPads. Not anymore.

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