Glitch Muzzles Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

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Duddyroar / YouTube

So you’ve just picked up a Galaxy Nexus, filled it full of tunes, slipped into workout clothes, wrapped a pair of headphones around your lobes and you’re ready to rock out. You reach for the volume rocker, then wham—or rather, pfft—nothing, nothing at all.

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. Scores of early-adopters claim their brand-spanking-new Galaxy Nexus phones have a serious, device-crippling problem: The volume switch doesn’t work properly.

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Tap the volume rocker switch and sometimes the phone responds, sometimes it doesn’t, say users. And even when it does respond, they claim the results can be less than desirable, ranging from glitches in the onscreen interface slider (it appears to go haywire in the user demonstration video up top) to sudden unintentional muting of the phone altogether.

It’s unclear what’s causing the problem or how pervasive it is, but users on the XDA Developers forum are poring over possible suspect causes, including a theory involving the phone’s operation in 2G mode, which implies a possible software fix (though the cause may turn out to be hardware and not software related).

There’s been no word yet from Google or Samsung on the problem, but if you want to keep tabs on it, here’s the summary thread.

[via Android Police]

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