Helmet Automatically Cools You Down After Eating Spicy Food

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We’ve all been there, stranded after chowing down on a plate of tacos topped with tongue-scalding salsa without a glass of water or milk in sight. Luckily the altLab in Lisbon has found a solution to all of humanity’s spicy food-related problems: the Nuclear Taco Sensor Helmet Gameshow.

That’s the name of the project the team undertook after witnessing the devastating aftermath of the “nuclear taco challenge” at the Sapo Codebits hackathon in Portugal last year. At Sapo Codebits 2011, altLab showed off its remedy to the pain that comes with eating insanely spicy tacos.

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The helmet works by monitoring sweat and body heat to tell when things are getting a little too hot; as the salsa takes effect, the ridiculous meter on top of the helmet moves from “No Sweat” to “Melt Down” as a mix of water and yogurt is released through tubes, a la┬áthe novelty beer helmets of frat legend.

The helmet isn’t for sale, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make and use your own, provided you can endure the shame of walking into your favorite Mexican restaurant with it on your head.

[via The Verge]

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