TechFast: Galaxy Nexus Bug, U.S. Water Treatment Hacked, Android Malware Scare

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It’s Thanksgiving-week Monday, which means just three days until we’re out of here! Here’s what’s going on in tech this morning…

Galaxy Nexus Audio Bug?

Galaxy Nexus early-adopters claim to have found an audio bug that causes the phone to mute itself. Nexus buyers on the XDA-Developers forums raised the issue and say the volume controls don’t respond correctly (if at all) when clicking the volume rocker switch.

Read more: Android Police

Hackers Hit U.S. Water Treatment

Federal investigators are probing reports that hackers in Russia managed to remotely shut down an Illinois utility’s water pump last week. If confirmed, it’d be the first known foreign cyber-attack on a U.S. industrial system.

Read more: Reuters

Android Malware Growing Exponentially?

Is the Android platform a malware magnet? Malware researchers like Juniper Networks say yes.

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Pakistan Filtering ‘Rude’ SMS Messages

Pakistan issues an official list filtering 1,500 “rude” words, from the f-word to “flatulence,” “pocket pool” and “quickie.”

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