Anonymous Releases 38,000 Private Emails of DOJ Investigator

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Jon Nazca / REUTERS

Government officials looking into recent activity from LulzSec and Anonymous, be very afraid–the latter hacktivist group has posted the personal address and phone number of a U.S. Department of Justice investigator online along with 38,000 emails from his Gmail account, in retaliation for government investigations into their activities as well as the government’s response to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The investigator in question, Alfredo “Fred” Baclagan, nhad his emails–many of which included posts from the private discussion mailing list of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, as well as personal material–published to a hidden site on the Tor network and released as a torrent listed on filesharing site The Pirate Bay. More alarming still, Anonymous claims that they’ve also accessed his personal voicemail, SMS logs and Google Voice account, which they used to call and text his friends and family.

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Anonymous released the information as part of the ongoing Operation AntiSec, which started in June as a protest against U.S. Government monitoring and censoring of the Internet. In a Twitter message to Ars Technica, the release was also linked to “FBI’s targeting of [Anonymous members], re: imprisoned during opPayback and others” (Operation Payback was the Anonymous DDOS attack against Visa, Mastercard and PayPal in response to their cutting contact with WikiLeaks earlier this year).

The release was characterized as a warning, with an accompanying statement that read in part “You want to keep mass arresting and brutalizing the 99%? We’ll have to keep owning your boxes and torrenting your mail spools, plastering your personal information all over teh internets.”

For his part. Baclagan denied being part of any investigation into political activist hacks, telling the Huffington Post that he was “really just a nobody, just a local investigator, not involved in anything dynamic or dramatic.” Well, until now, anyway.

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