Remove Jimmy Wales’ Face from Wikipedia in Three Easy Steps

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Wikipedia’s looking for donations again, which means co-founder Jimmy Wales’ “personal appeal”–and face–is back at the top of every Wikipedia page. The Jimmy Wales Mugshot Method (that’s what I’m calling it, at least) was apparently quite successful last year, helping the user-generated free encyclopedia set a fundraising record, so the revival is no surprise.

Still, you might be sick of seeing Jimmy Wales’ face by now, especially because the alignment of the image on the page can lead to some unfortunate misunderstandings. Fortunately, Taylor Buley has developed a simple way to hide Wales’ mug forever, in three easy steps:

  • Go to Buley’s Github page.
  • Drag the “De-jimmy” link into your browser’s bookmarks bar or Favorites bar.
  • Click on the bookmark while browsing any Wikipedia page where Wales’ face appears.

Although you only click the bookmark on a single page, it applies throughout the site. After that, the only way to get Jimmy back is to clear your browser’s cookies and restart the browser.

Also, tuning out the pleas of a site that provides gobs of knowledge for free seems a little evil, but if you’ve gone this far, I’m going to assume you already got the message, and maybe even donated.

(UPDATE: There’s a much easier way to do this. Just click the “X” in the top-right corner of the banner, and it’ll set a cookie that makes the personal appeal go away for good. Also, if you donate, the message will apparently disappear as well.)

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